Hotel Highlights

  • Terrace-toting bedrooms with doors opening out to sea
  • Fine dining in the Michelin-starred restaurant
  • Less than an hour from Naples by car


Tucked into a cliff among towering pines and aromatic lemon-trees, hotel Capo La Gala is a secluded love nest with sea views at nearly every turn, five miles from Sorrento. Playfully nautical art - a painting of a green seahorse here, a model boat there - bring whimsy to the airy bedrooms, mosaic-lined pool and sea-like spa.

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BlackSmith members receive a bottle of prosecco on arrival; SilverSmith members receive a voucher for a 30-minute massage at the spa; GoldSmith members get both.


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Capo La Gala hotel – Sorrento – Italy

Need To Know


22, including one suite.


11.30am, but guests can usually stay in their rooms until 1pm with no charge. Earliest check-in, 1pm.


Double rooms from $345.43 (€250), excluding tax at 10 per cent. Please note the hotel charges an additional local city tax of €2.00 per person per night on check-out.

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Rates include a Mediterranean buffet breakfast.


Aquarium – the marine-themed spa – has ocean-green tiles, an emerald heated pool and coral sculptures, along with white treatment rooms containing paintings of green seahorses – it’s like being under the sea. Treatments include thalassotherapy and hydromassage.

At the hotel

Spa, gym, gardens, DVD library, free WiFi throughout . There are kayaks and bikes to borrow. In rooms flatscreen TV, minibar and Lorenzo Villoresi bath products.

Our favourite rooms

We loved Room 205 for the terrific tiles in its bathroom: white but with bright blue splatterings only an angry person with a brush could produce. Its terrace isn’t bad, either – vast, with a spectacular view out to sea. The classic rooms are smaller but their terraces more than make up for it views are less restricted, too.


The tree encircled pool is at the heart of the hotel, with wooden decking and rocky path down to the sea. As well as a hot tub, there’s an assortment of terraces, both sun-drenched and shady. A heated pool awaits inside, too.

Packing tips

Deck shoes, striped things and an oversized straw hat.


Smoking is allowed in outdoor areas and small pets are welcome. Guests can book the hotel's own boats for two-day trips to Capri or Ischia.


Cots for under-three are free; extra beds cost €50 for under-nines and €80 for under-12s. Ask three days in advance and a nanny can babysit for €15 an hour.


This property is suitable for weddings

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Food & Drink

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Hotel Restaurant

Nautically decked out in navy blue tablecloths and white Panton chairs, Michelin-starred Maxi sits above the pool, with various dining areas inside and out. Expect fine flavour combinations, such as tuna steak in herb pastry with caponata and candied tomatoes, and ravioli with caciota cheese and marjoram. Down by the beach, Nerea offers a relaxed osteria-style lunch menu of Neapolitan classics, as well as lighter salads.

Hotel Bar

Stone-walled, wide-windowed and dressed in navy, the beach-house-style bar above the restaurant wears the sea on its sleeve: model boats, conch shells and wooden decking are everywhere. The long wooden bar is stocked with spirits and the wine list draws heavily from the vineyards of Campania.

Last orders

Breakfast is on offer from 7.30am until 11am; lunch kicks off at 12.30pm and lasts until 2.30pm; dinner is served between 7.30pm and 10.30pm.

Room service

Order in various pastas and puddings between 12pm and 10pm.

Smith Insider

Dress code

Pucci and Prada, worn with a tan.

Top table

Beside the windows in the main restaurant to stare out to sea.

Local Guide

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Capo La Gala hotel – Sorrento – Italy
Eat, drink, see, do: local favourites and more…

Local restaurants

Osteria Nonna Rosa (+39 08 1879 9055; in Vico Equense is Michelin-starred, mixing traditional decor and flavours with modern cooking. Torre del Saracino (+39 08 1802 8555; serves inventive twists on classic spag bol – it comes with octopus here. Pizza fans shouldn’t miss out on a trip to Pizza a Metro (+39 08 179 8309; You’ll be in good hands at Don Alfonso (+39 08 1878 0026; on Corso Sant’Agata in Naples – it’s got a library of cookbooks and a 25,000-bottle cellar. Nearby is Lo Stuzzichino (+39 08 1533 0010;, not flashy or frilly, but the food speaks volumes; try the sea bream, or carb-heavy pasta with potatoes.

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Bay of Naples cove

Capo La Gala

8 via Luigi Serio, Vico Equense, Amalfi Coast, 80069

Capo la Gala is in Vico Equense on the Amalfi Coast, halfway between Sorrento and Pompei and less than an hour’s drive from Naples.


The airport in Naples is 30 kilometres away from the hotel. From the UK, British Airways ( and Thomas Cook ( fly from London Gatwick. EasyJet ( connects Europe, with regular flights from the UK, Geneva, Milan, Madrid and Berlin.


The two closest stations are Scrajo (open June to September) and Vico Equense. Circumvesuviana ( trains go to Pompei, Naples and Sorrento from both stations. The hotel puts on a free shuttle bus to and from Vico Equense at fixed times.


Capo la Gala is a 40-minute drive from Naples, and 20 minutes by car from both Pompei and Sorrento. There’s free parking.


The hotel can arrange boat transfers for seafarers.


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Capo La Gala hotel – Sorrento – Italy

Anonymous review

by Mario Mazzer , Industrious designer

What’s the Italian expression for love nest, darling?’ I murmur into Signora Smith’s ear as we stand arm in arm on the beach, watching the sun slowly descend into the Bay of Naples. ‘Because this is one, veramente.’

Behind us is the object of my newfound infatuation, the Capo la Gala, five miles outside Sorrento. The five-star hotel’s 22 room...

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Capo La Gala

Anonymous review by Mario Mazzer , Industrious designer

What’s the Italian expression for love nest, darling?’ I murmur into Signora Smith’s ear as we stand arm in arm on the beach, watching the sun slowly descend into the Bay of Naples. ‘Because this is one, veramente.’

Behind us is the object of my newfound infatuation, the Capo la Gala, five miles outside Sorrento. The five-star hotel’s 22 rooms and one private suite are beguilingly tucked down a cliff – in and around terraces and rocky outcrops, among lemon trees and soaring pines. We’ve only just arrived but, having seen that the sunset promises to be splendid, we put off check-in and scamper down through the grounds to take in the finale on the strand.

Mrs Smith turns towards me with a look that begs a lingering kiss; I’m seconds from touchdown when an elderly fisherman, who’s gathering his nets just down the beach, calls out: ‘Do you know the legend of Caterina and Antonio?’ Ahem. ‘Where’s the language barrier when you need it?’ I huff, but Mrs Smith pulls back reprovingly and says: ‘Darling, don’t be rude.’ With that, she engages the man, whose name is Gennaro. ‘No, but please do tell us.’ Pointing to a pair of stone stacks, he says, ‘You see those two seagulls that never stop flying from one stack to another? Those are the postmen.’

I stifle a dig at the Italian mail system because Mrs Smith is already rapt. Gennaro continues in his Neapolitan lilt. ‘Caterina was a young noblewoman who fell in love with a fisherman, but her parents forbade this love and locked her in the castle tower. The two lovers wrote messages that were delivered by seagulls, and in the end, decided to choose the most beautiful place they knew of and live there forever in the form of stone.’ He waits a beat and then concludes, ‘They hoped to spread their feelings to travellers…’ A light flush has come over Mrs Smith, who thanks Gennaro profusely, takes my hand, and sets off back towards the hotel. By now it is well into dusk, so I can’t be sure about this, but when I last glimpse Gennaro, I am pretty sure he is giving me the thumbs-up sign.

Capo la Gala has been here since 1962. In 2006, Enzo and Marite Acampora took over the property and renovated it in a style that you might venture to call ‘preppie Italian yachtsman’. The interiors are crisp and clean, a coastal dream of blues and whites, interspersed with daring design touches such as the rectangular navy and burnt orange floor tiles in the Marite Suite, laid down in a rick-rack pattern.

Giant, straight-from-a-cartoon cacti split up the terraces of each bedroom, while palms and pines give you the feeling that you can see out, but the world can’t see in. Capo la Gala feels like an exclusive seafarers’ club; here, it’s easy to pretend that you own a yacht and are on shore leave.

The hotel lies just outside the tiny village of Vico Equense, which is laced with narrow streets that smell of clean laundry, orange blossom, lemon and the geraniums that overflow the balconies. Behind the hotel rise the Lattari mountains, named for the gallons of goat’s milk produced by the herders living up there. If you could drive over the Lattari from the hotel, as the crow flies, you would come down in Positano, on the Amalfi Coast.

We are impressed that such a small hotel has a well-equipped wellness centre. The next day, I ask for an appointment, and even though it is the staff’s day off, Signor Acampora opens the Aquarium spa and persuades his masseuse to come in specially. Afterwards, Mrs Smith and I loll about in the sauna and Turkish bath, and then go down to the seawater swimming pool, which is right on the bay. The feeling of being spoiled continues with our visit that evening to the hotel restaurant, Maxi. It has one Michelin star and the young chef has cooked up a menu of rich Mediterranean flavours, with a tangy twist: seven different olive oils, all from the region, are accompanied by just-baked bread.

It’s too bad that we are here in April because from June onwards, the hotel organises daily trips on its own private boats to the nearby islands of Capri and Ischia and down the Amalfi Coast – but it’s a good reason to come back. The following morning is spent in Sorrento, where we sample some of the 100 or more flavours of ice-cream at Gelateria David. Then we drive to Forcella, outside Naples, to lunch on the best pizza in the world (in our humble opinion). It’s served at La Antica Pizzeria da Michele, and it’s a wondrously large creation: thin, crispy, fragrant, and stringy with mozzarella. Although we pass it on the return, we give ancient Pompeii a miss, drawn by the gravitational pull of the Capo la Gala.

After a good interval by the pool, we head back to our terrace, where we kick back, glasses of Campari and soda in hand. As the sea swallows the sun, gradually turning the two stone stacks red, I turn to Mrs Smith and say, ‘Do you know the legend of Caterina and Antonio?’ And with that, she takes up where she had left off the first evening. Thumbs up to you, Gennaro.

The Guestbook

Reviews of Capo La Gala from Smith members

Whenever you book a stay through us, we’ll invite you to comment when you get back. Read the Guestbook entries below to see what real-life Mr & Mrs Smiths have said about this hotel…


Stayed on 6 Oct 2013

We loved

Capo La Gala had a spectacular location, with a gorgeous interior. Soaking up the sun by their pool, on their private beach, was delightful, and the staff were very friendly.

Don’t expect

The desk staff were not entirely knowledgeable about the hotel facilities, which would have been helpful for us, and forgot about our Smith extra.

Rating: 9/10 stars


Stayed on 28 Jul 2013

We loved

We arrived at Capo La Gala the day after our wedding and walking onto our private terrace as the sun set over the sea directly below it was as if this view at this place perfectly encapsulated the happiness I felt. The hotel, set in the cliffs at Via Equense, north of just Sorrento, was steeped in seaside luxury with a team who could not do enough for you. Having our own jacuzzi on the terrace was a wonderful addition, especially as the temperatures were topping 40 degrees and an emergency dip was often needed! After having a well researched shortlist of hotels across the Amalfi Coast, we were so glad to choose Capo La Gala for the wonderful access to the sea, a rarity among hillside resorts, and again a necessity in such hot and humid weather. The Michelin-starred restaurant was worth the price, with delicious seafood and traditional options, although the table needed to be booked every night (do not expect a reserved table on the merit of being a guest alone). The spa was a delight to visit with a range of saunas, steam rooms, ice-cold plunge pools and a massage pool decorated in aquatic mosaics that made me want to redecorate the bathroom! Overall, we had a five-star trip that will stay with me forever and I would revisit Capo La Gala in a heartbeat, if our wallets could survive it!

Don’t expect

It was a shame we could not use the pool, as at 14 degrees we were just not brave enough, even in sweltering heat. For the less faint hearted though this could be well received and the reason for the temperature was that it is sourced by the mineral springs in the mountains, so it's while cold it's also good for you! We had gone with the misconception that from this location we could explore Positano and Ravello, although should have paid better attention to geography as these locations were really too far for day trips, at least for the time we spent there.

Rating: 10/10 stars


Stayed on 27 May 2013

We loved

Fabulous Michelin star–standard restaurant and superb food, wine and service. Lovely rooms, fantastic waterside location, helpful and friendly staff.

Don’t expect

It's not a resort for children; for those who do stay, they should not use the hot tub as a paddling pool! That's mostly down to weak parenting as usual, but the hotel could be more explicit about it.

Rating: 9/10 stars


Stayed on 25 May 2013

We loved

The surroundings, decor, views and being on the edge of the water with a fabulous balcony. Room was fab. The spa and restaurant were wonderful. The staff was really good, friendly and attentive without being too interfering. Position was great for Sorento and Herculanaeum and Pompeii excursions. Amazing breakfasts! Fab Michelin-starred restaurant. I had Platinum dinner in celebration of my 50th. Very decadent!

Don’t expect

There was a smell of the sea drains in our corridor. The staff tried to get rid of it very obligingly.

Rating: 10/10 stars


Stayed on 4 Sep 2012

Rating: 8/10 stars


Stayed on 4 May 2012

A beautiful hotel! On entering the hotel, the location and the interiors immediately send you to place of calm and serenity. The staff were very helpful and really friendly. We had dinner in the Michelin-starred restaurant and the food was delicious – one of the best desserts that I have had in a long time. The only negative points I can say is that the sheets were scratchy – it was a bit like sleeping in a potato sack. The spa was beautifully done, but there seems to be only one spa therapist who doubles up as the receptionist. My 30-minute massage was not great at all. It bills itself as a 'boutique hotel and spa', yet having been to a lot of boutique hotel spas around the world, the service of the spa simply does not match up. Though having said this we had a wonderful weekend and would definitely return.

Rating: 8/10 stars